Peppers ripening in the greenhouse

GreenHill Greens is a small family-run vegetable garden and fruit orchard in Prince Edward County, Ontario. We grow food for our own use but often have surplus vegetable plants, fresh vegetables, and eggs from our free-ranging Buff Orpington chickens for sale.

We’re not certified as organic growers, but we don’t use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers on our land or our crops. A large greenhouse gives us a long growing season and allows us to pick fantastic crops like sweet peppers and eggplants that might otherwise be difficult to get to ripen here.

As the growing season gets underway, we’ll be using our Twitter account to share information about what we’re up to and what’s available for sale. If you like the sound of what’s on offer, you can order items for collection at our farm (by phone, twitter or email).

Free-range boiled eggs

The farm is at 59 Carnrike Road, near Consecon. It’s run by Mike and Amanda Hill. Our phone number is 613-394-0259 and our email address is greenhillgreens@gmail.com.



  1. Good luck and looking forward to the veggies! We are good friends with Steve Lippitt and Elizabeth McDonald who passed us along your website.

    • Thanks Kris. It’s going to be fun, I think!

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